Why Is My Toilet Running All The Time?

| 15/04/2022

Why Is My Toilet Running All The Time

Have you ever thought about how something as simple as a running toilet can make your life a living hell?  Running toilets are an ongoing source of stress for many people. They’re loud, constantly run, and can be very difficult to stop. Annoying running sound of the toilet is a plumbing nightmare and a constant source of frustration. nfl shop promo code nfl fantasy nike air max 90 men glueless wigs for beginners online wig store wig sales adidas yeezy 350 boost authentic nfl jerseys new nfl uniforms 2023 best jordan 1 colorways best wigs women’s adidas sneakers on sale best wig outlet women’s human hair wigs adidas promo code 

If you, your family, and friends have been plagued by that annoying running sound of a toilet, it might be time to consider doing some DIY repair and Luckily, there are a few easy steps that you can use to prevent this from happening in the future!

#1 Check the “toilet flapper”

The toilet flapper is the piece of plastic that opens and shuts to allow water in and out of a toilet tank. It needs to work properly for water to flow smoothly between the tank and bowl. Toilet flappers can be damaged by rodents chewing on wires or clogs in the toilet drain pipes, which can prevent water from draining properly.

If you see a “toilet flapper” on the side of your toilet, it is likely broken. A broken flapper will cause your toilet to run constantly and lead to damage in the tank and on your bowl. You should fix this problem immediately by simply replacing the flapper in one quick step.

#2 Check the chain

In order to figure out what’s causing your toilet to run, you need to take a step back. The chain is the most likely culprit. Make sure the toilet’s chain is securely hooked to the handle. If it’s not, check where the chain is connected to the bowl. Make sure there are no cracks in the porcelain or rust on the metal that could weaken the connection point.

#3 Check the toilet tank float ball and arm

The toilet tank float ball and arm need to be checked periodically to make sure they are working properly. A toilet tank with a slow-running ball and arm can be a problem. The ball floats on top of the water in the tank and as it moves, it pushes water out of the tank. The ball is attached to an arm that rotates when the toilet is flushed. If there is not enough water in the tank, or if the ball slips out of position, then air will enter into the tank and cause your toilet to continuously flush.

#4 Shorten the Refill Tube

The refill tube can end up in the wrong place, so it’s best to shorten it. Measure from the outer wall of the toilet bowl to the center of the refill tube and cut off a piece that’s 1/2-inch shorter than that measurement. It should end up being around 8 inches long instead of 24 inches long. Be sure to file down any sharp edges, so that water doesn’t get trapped inside and cause a blockage inside the toilet tank.

Get Expert Toilet Repair in Toronto

Plumbera  has been fixing running toilets for years! Our team of plumbing experts can inspect the situation and figure out exactly what is causing your toilet to keep running. This way, our professionals will be able to fix and repair the root of the problem, ensuring that the job is done correctly, and prevent any future problems with your plumbing.

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