When to Call an Emergency Plumber?

| 16/11/2021

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Emergency Plumbing Signs to Watch Out for?

When you notice any of the following symptoms, it is time to call an emergency plumber:

  • Unexplained dampness on floors and wall
  • Constant smells like rotten eggs
  • Sudden dryness of taps and sink
  • The drainage pipe has been blocked
  • Wrenching sound when there is water flow

Burst pipe

The signs of a burst pipe generally include discolored water (which appears greenish), and foul odors in the area. In addition to these, there are also red splotches on the walls when you place your foot near it (if the pipe is filled with water and has been frozen).
Also, you can usually hear if there is any leakage when you take a shower or use your dishwasher–at each of these times, excess water will come out of the main faucet, overflowing into surrounding parts of your house.

No one wants to deal with a burst pipe. If the water won’t stop coming and you can’t shut off the main valve, you need to call a plumber ASAP.

Low Water Pressure

Check the back of your water meter. If it indicates your water pressure is low, check to make sure all hoses are not frozen. If so, thaw them out by running hot water from a faucet into the hose for several minutes until the hoses begin to warm up and expand. Hoses that have been frozen will expand faster than those that don’t. If your hose still refuses to thaw, contact a plumber.

Frozen Pipe

This is a common problem that occurs when the temperature drops below freezing. In some cases, the pipe only freezes on one side which helps keep the water from flowing. But in other cases, the pipes will freeze all over and you’ll be left without running water. It’s an even bigger problem if your house has a well or septic system because this means that your backup water supply is also frozen.

Toilet Overflow

Toilet overflows usually happen due to a clogged drain. It could be caused by the flushing of toilet, because it could lead to blockage or clogging. Toilet blockages are usually caused by soap residue and hair.
Toilets can get blocked due to:
1) Clog in the bowl (usually caused by clogged pipes, debris and waste in the pipe system or is build-up of hard water deposits;
2) Clog in the float mechanism (usually caused by soft or partially solid waste that has dropped into toilet bowl;
3) Clogged P-trap (One big cause for a clog over time)

Water Heater Leak

When you notice a water heater leak, it can be hard to know exactly when you should call someone to come take care of the problem.

If there is rusty or reddish water leaking from the hot water supply back into the cold water supply pipe below it, then you may need an emergency plumber.
Leaking water is very corrosive and can cause bacteria to grow quickly. It also damages the flooring, ceiling, and wall of your home. If you notice any leakage coming from your water heater, an emergency plumber immediately.

Call on an Experienced Professional Plumber

You should never attempt to repair or replace plumbing without the assistance of an experienced professional. Even if you are good with your hands, you could end up creating more problems than you would be solving. If your plumbing system is broken, it’s like having a hole in your car’s radiator; water will continue to leak until it can’t go any further. When this happens, call an emergency plumber.

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