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Do you find that water is not draining from the tub or sink as fast as it once did? Or maybe, when you are flushing a toilet, you seem to find that it gurgles or bubbles? When there is water backing up in the sinks and tubs, then you know that there is a drain issue. Many people automatically reach for chemical solutions that are meant to eat through the clog in order to get the water moving faster. However, these chemical solutions are not always the best option. They can cause massive damage to sewer systems and septic tanks when they are used frequently. And when you find that the drains are still not performing as they should, then this often signals that there is a heavy duty issue happening. When this is the case, a professional plumber is your best option for our Toronto home.

What Happens If the Clog Persists?

While many people think that if the water is draining slowly, but it does go out, that the pipes are going to be fine. They may be surprised at what can happen eventually. When a slow drain is the issue, it will steadily become a larger issue. This can lead to the water no longer draining out, and this can be a huge headache!

Hydro Jetting for Clogs

One of the tools that professional plumbers can bring to your Toronto home is a hydro jet. Hydro jetting is an option that is often used instead of snaking a drain, especially if there is a known clog that is getting worse by the day. When a plumber comes into a home and hydro jets the pipes, they are using a high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle. This is attached to a machine that is produced a powerful stream of water. This water is then cleaning the drain pipes. It will knock out mineral build-up, grease, hair and other debris that has collected in these drain pipes. The power of hydro jetting is even used in situations in which tree roots may be growing into the main drain pipe.

Many people are opting to have their drains hydro jetted every few years as it is a great way to keep the pipes running smoothly and avoid clogs and other issues. This is especially true of businesses who may be dealing with grease and other debris that is being poured down the drains. If you are having trouble with Hydro Jetting, contact your local plumber in Toronto today.

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When Do I Need Hydro Jetting?

The process of Hydro Jetting is used for various purposes such as:

  • Removing sludge
  • Cleaning pipes and drains
  • Improving the performance of filters
  • Removing oil spills

As with any other cleaning process, it should be used when the system needs to be cleaned up or when there are problems with its performance.

For residential homeowners, Hydro Jetting is most useful for extensively clogged drains in bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks and shower drains. We use the industry’s best equipment and ensure no extra water is backed up into your plumbing system after the clog is cleared.

Call us today and see how your clogged drain can be cleared with Plumbera’s Hydro Jetting Services!

What’s the Difference Between Hydro Jetting and Drain Cleaning?

Hydro Jetting and drain cleaning are two different types of plumbing services. They both have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Hydro jetting is a process where the water is forced through the drain via a powerful stream of pressurized water, which is also known as hydro-jetting. This process can be done in a single pass or with multiple passes depending on the severity of the clog. The force of the water can cause some damage to pipes and other obstacles that may be present in your drains, so you should only use it when necessary.

Drain cleaning, on the other hand, is a more targeted approach that uses chemicals to break down grease, sediment, and debris from your drains. This method doesn’t cause any damage to your pipes but it can take up to six hours for complete drainage.

Still not sure if you need Drain Cleaning or Hydro Jetting? Call Plumbera and speak with one of our professional plumbers today!


Can I Do Hydro Jetting By Myself?

Hydro Jetting is a process that uses high-pressure water to remove roots and other obstructions from your drain and/or sewer line. It is not recommended homeowners try and attempt DIY Hydro Jetting.

The dangers of Hydro Jetting yourself are numerous. If you do not have the proper equipment, you can cause damage to your home or property by damaging the pipes or flooding your basement. You also run the risk of injuring yourself with a hose or a power drill and causing injury to others in your home.

Call Plumbera and schedule your next Hydro Jetting appointment today with one of Hydro Jetting experts!

Is Hydro Jetting Worth It?

Hydro Jetting helps in removing rust, scale, grease, hair, etc from the inside of your drains without causing any damage to them.

The benefits of Hydro Jetting are numerous. It can help you avoid expensive plumbing repairs such as replacing pipes or installing new ones. It also helps you avoid expensive drain cleaning chemicals by using high-pressure water instead of harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your home’s pipes or septic tank system.

Hydro Jetting is one of the most environmentally friendly way to cleaning your drains because only water is used! Clean pipes and saving the environment? We couldn’t ask for more!

For all your clogged drains and Hydro Jetting needs, call Plumbera!

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