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With the cold weather that Toronto has, many times frozen pipes are the main reason that a plumber is called to a home. Frozen pipes can be a disaster if they are not properly thawed and looked over. When these pipes freeze, it is going to make it impossible to run water into the home, which we all know that no one wants to go days without water…it is simply not feasible! However, on top of the inconvenience that these cause, they can cause damage to the property as well. Frozen pipes are more likely to burst. The pressure that is caused in these pipes when they are frozen, could lead to the pipe bursting, and if they were to start thawing it could mean water pooling in the house or even outside where it refreezes causing slippery conditions.

Signs of Frozen Pipes

There are several signs of frozen pipes that every homeowner needs to watch out for.

  1. The temperature is right to freeze these pipes. If the temperature falls to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, then you know that pipes freezing is probable.
  2. You see frost on the pipes that you can see such as those that are under the sink. This is a warning sign that the pipe is close to freezing.
  3. No water is coming from the pipes when you turn on the faucet.
  4. Strange smells. When the pipes are frozen, most people find that the drain and faucet have an odd smell coming from them.

Remember, that the pipes that are located on exterior walls, those in attics or basements, are more prone to become frozen. They are not receiving the same amount of heat as the rest of the pipes in the home. So, you will want to take the necessary steps to ensure that these pipes are protected. For example, insulating these pipes better or the like.

How Professional Plumbers Can Help

When we go into a home with frozen pipes, we want to get these unfrozen as soon as we can so that we can identify if the pipe has been damaged. If the pipe is damaged, we can then replace this section of pipe, adding in extra insulation to ensure that these pipes are not freezing again. While you may be able to unfreeze these on your own, you will find that if you are not sure what you are doing, you could cause more issues to pop up!

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Frozen Pipe Repair

A frozen pipe is one of the most common plumbing problems that occur in homes and businesses. Frozen pipes are caused by low water pressure, extreme cold temperatures, and lack of insulation. Some other causes for frozen pipes include:

  • Leaving a faucet on all day
  • Running water continuously for long periods of time
  • Sitting too close to a radiator or space heater
  • Installing pipes too close to an outside wall or window without proper insulation
  • Insufficient heating system

When pipes freeze, the water inside expands and can burst the pipes. Frozen pipes are a common problem in cold areas such as Toronto.

The signs of a frozen pipe are:

  • No hot water
  • The sound of running water but no water coming out
  • Cold spots on the floor where you think the pipe is
  • The sound of running water but no water coming out
  • Unusual noises when you turn off a faucet or toilet

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, you may require Frozen Pipe Repair. Do not wait any longer and call us today to get your pipes fixed and ready to use again in no time!

Frozen Pipe Inspection

Local weather patterns can be unpredictable – that’s why it is important to regularly have your pipes inspected in the chance that they are deteriorating from the cold weather.

A Frozen Pipe Inspection can help you find out if your pipes are in need of repair BEFORE they burst and cause damage. A Frozen Pipe Inspection will also tell you what kind of repairs are needed and how much it will cost to fix the issue.

Don’t wait for a real pipe emergency to happen, schedule a Frozen Pipe Inspection with Plumbera today!

Frozen Pipe Prevention

Pipes can freeze when the water inside them is cold enough and the temperature of the air around them is below freezing. The most common symptom of frozen pipes is reduced or no water pressure, which should be taken seriously as it can lead to burst pipes and flooding. To prevent frozen pipes, homeowners should make sure their home’s heat is on high or use a space heater to keep their pipes warm.

There are a few ways to prevent frozen pipes:

  • Insulate your home and make sure that you have enough space around your house or apartment to keep warm air in.
  • Keep your faucets running at a steady pace so that there is always some water moving through the pipes.
  • Get a heating system installed in your home or apartment that can help keep you warm during cold weather.

If you are concerned that your pipes do not have enough preventive measures, call Plumbera today and we will help you prevent your pipes from freezing during the winter season. Call us today to book a consultation visit!

Frozen Pipe Winterization Services

Frozen pipes can lead to burst pipes, which will result in significant water damage and high repair costs. Homeowners should winterize their pipes before the winter season starts.

Frozen Pipe Winterization is a process that prevents your plumbing system from freezing during the winter months. It’s important to take care of your plumbing system before the cold weather starts so you don’t have to worry about any frozen pipes or burst pipes during the winter season.

One of the most important things is to make sure that you have an emergency kit ready for freezing pipes. This includes:

  • A thermometer that will show you the temperature of your water so you can see if it’s getting too cold and needs to be turned off
  • An extra supply of drinking water
  • An insulated blanket in case your pipes do freeze over
  • A bucket
  • Some towels and washcloths

Contact us today and ask about how we can help you winter-proof your home’s pipes BEFORE the next winter storm!

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