Toilet Installation at Hollingham Rd, Markham ON

After initial contact from this wonderful client our Plumber Ryan that services Markham area went on the call to assess a leaky toilet.  He immediately turned off the water at the shutoff valve located on the wall behind the toilet. Toilet was flushed to drain all the water from the tank and toilet bowl. A plunger was used to force any remaining water down the drain line, then removed any remaining water from the tank with a sponge and a bucket. Dirty work ehhh??

Ryan then disconnected the supply line with an adjustable wrench. He kept  the water pipe secure while trying to loosen the supply line at the valve.

Ryan like to work alone working alone, so it was easier for him to separate the tank from the bowl. Lifting both pieces together can be difficult for one person. He disconnected and removed the tank from the bowl by removing the bolts from the bottom of the tank with an adjustable wrench. The tank bolts travel from inside the toilet tank to below the bowl. He checked to see if toilet bowl had caulking around the base where it meets the floor, he then used use a utility knife to score through the caulk seam. Gently rocked the toilet bowl back and forth until he worked it free and could lift it. Flange was inspected and new wax ring installed.

New toilet installed bolted into floor. New tank attached to toilet and caulking applied at bottom where it met the tiles. Water supply line was reconnected with new tank. Tank was tested by filling it with water and flushing into the new toilet.

Great job Ryan!

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Toilet Installation at Hollingham Rd, Markham ON